As June 2 International Whores’ Day approaches: Support sex workers!

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June 2nd, International Whores Day (also known as Da Internacional de las Putas, PutaDei, International Sex Workers Day, Da Internacional de la Trabajadora Sexual) is a day to gather sex working people, their co-conspirators, accomplices, loved ones and communities together in protest to demand an immediate cessation of police and state.

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June 2nd is International Sex Workers’ day/international whores’* day, marking the anniversary of the first major protest staged to forward sex workers’ rights. On 2 nd of June 1975 over a hundred street sex workers in Lyon occupied the glise Saint-Nizier, to protest inhumane working conditions and police who both gave sex workers harsh.

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June 2 is International Whores Day! Here, the Workers World party shares ways you can support sex workers. As June 2 International Whores’ Day approaches: Support sex workers! sable Pickett, a 19-year-old Black woman, was kidnapped and murdered by two serial killers targeting sex.

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