Flash flooding concerns grow in Texas, Louisiana as rainfall mounts

The busy 2017 atlantic hurricane season continues as concerns over hurricane nate grow. rain expected from southeast Louisiana to southern Alabama and inland as far as the central Appalachians and.

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"The heavy rain will continue over Louisiana and Mississippi through at least Saturday morning," said weather.com meteorologist Brian Donegan. "flash flood watches are in effect, as storm total rainfall is expected to be on the order of 7 to 10 inches.

Rainfall rates in parts of southeast Texas could exceed 2 inches per hour Thursday evening, which could cause flash flooding on saturated grounds.

Tropical Storm Barry continues to slowly track north toward the Gulf Coast on Friday night, bringing the potential for as much as 2 feet of rain in parts of Louisiana and disastrous flooding as a.

Portions of northern Texas, western Oklahoma and northern Louisiana can tolerate a reasonable amount of rain, due to long-term abnormally dry to drought conditions, based on information from the.

Stating the obvious, more flash flooding is likely. and environmental issues that come with managing risk in a changing climate." Photo credit: "A growing body of scientific research suggests.

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At a Glance. The National Weather Service issued two flash flood emergencies in South Texas Wednesday following 6 to 14 inches of rainfall early this week, but both have expired. The heavy rain caused roads to crumble in McAllen, the location of the first flash flood emergency. Multiple road closures were reported in Hidalgo County,