New searches for supersymmetry presented by ATLAS experiment

The latest Tweets from ATLAS Experiment (@ATLASexperiment). Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at @CERN. Pushing the limits of scientific knowledge by studying particles – the basic building blocks of Nature. CERN

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Recent Searches for Electroweak Supersymmetry at ATLAS by Stefan Guindon (CERN) Tuesday. This talk will present results from searches for electroweak SUSY partners using 139/fb of pp collision data collected with the ATLAS experiment in Run 2 at the LHC. Several signatures are employed, and.

New Higgs results presented at 2019 EPS-HEP c. Physics Press release. ATLAS surveys new supersymmetry territory. Mexico, the ATLAS collaboration reported new searches for three such superpartners around uncharted regions of particle masses.

New searches for supersymmetry presented by ATLAS experiment Posted by Quinn Sena in categories: cosmology , particle physics , quantum physics The Standard Model is a remarkably successful but incomplete theory.

Recent results from the ATLAS experiment at the LHC in the search for supersymmetry are presented. A focus is placed on searches requiring nonstandard techniques in particularly challenging final states. All searches presented here analyze pp collisions with s = 8 TeV collected in 2012.

The Standard Model is a remarkably successful but incomplete theory. Supersymmetry (SUSY) offers an elegant solution to the Standard Model’s limitations, extending it to give each particle a heavy.

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The ATLAS Experiment at CERN is searching for signs of supersymmetry, a theory which extends the Standard Model to answer many unsolved questions about the Universe.

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SUSY searches with the ATLAS detector Vasiliki A. Mitsou 1. Introduction supersymmetry (susy) [1] is an extension of the Standard Model (SM) which assigns to each. of ATLAS searches are presented in Sections 2, 3 and 4, respectively.. recorded in 2015 and 2016 by the ATLAS experiment in p.

PoS(DIS2018)082 Reconstruction techniques in supersymmetry searches Eirik Gramstad of only 50 GeV between the gluino and the LSP. The RJR techniques are used in several searches for SUSY in ATLAS with jets, Emiss T and/or leptons in the nal state [12,17-19].

The atlas experiment searches for signs of supersymmetry in a large variety of signatures involving events with abnormal production of missing transverse momentum, jets, leptons, photons, third generation fermions, gauge bosons or massive long-lived particles. The talk presents the latest results obtained in these searches.