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This October, alas, there’s a new woo in town. Apparently not satisfied with bioidentical. Think about it. What major study did I blog about twice in the middle of September. No, no, you don’t have.

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6/21/2011 – The popular alternative news website Activist Post has compiled its 2011 "10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media" list, and we are excited to announce that NaturalNews’ own Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger," was ranked #2. This list, which includes such notable truth warriors as Lew Rockwell,

New Study Finds That Measles Outbreaks Vaccine, hysteria, Propaganda, soft kill, Big Pharma, measles. From Lew Rockwell. There is a lot of hysteria surrounding measles outbreaks right now, and a lot of mainstream media bombardment in North America whereby unvaccinated children are wrongfully blamed for multiple measles outbreaks.

Which is Greater Threat, Measles or Measles Vaccine? by Jeffrey Dach MD A recent measles outbreak at Disneyland of at least 70 cases (Jan 2015) has created quite a stir in the media. Five of the cases were fully vaccinated, indicating the measles vaccine confers only temporary immunity.

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A new study by University of Michigan researchers may help put to rest the myth that you have to avoid the flu virus in order to avoid getting sick, as when they infected 17 healthy people with the flu, only half of them got sick. The other half? They felt perfectly fine. Interestingly, even if you don’t notice the flu your immune system does.

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Another study published in the highly authoritative Bulletin of the World Health Organization looked at recent measles occurrences throughout China and found that there were 707 measles outbreaks in the country recorded between 2009 and 2012, with a steep upward trend in 2013. "The number of measles cases reported in the first 10 months of.

Science is a great discipline and deserves many of its laurels. However, it is folly to believe science is always correct, that the scientific method is always applied properly, that all scientists are honest/ethical and the outcomes of scientific efforts are proof positive representing truth for all time.

New Study Finds That Measles Outbreaks Are Occurring In Many VACCINATED Individuals My Debate With Dr. Adrian Moore of Reason On How Radical We Libertarians Should Be Family-of-four shun the rat race to live off-grid in a gipsy caravan with no TV, fridge, mains electricity or running water and they say they have never been happier Swedish.

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