r/IdiotsInCars – Considerate driver lets pedestrians cross before continuing through red light

Driving test question about: When approaching a red light at a puffin crossing with pedestrians present. The red light will stay lit until: and possible answers include: Drivers from the oncoming direction reaches the crossing. or The pedestrians have reached a safe position. or Pedestrians are not present in front of your vehicle. or You begin edging your vehicle towards the edge of the.

A motorist is being hunted by police after driving through a 20ft-long puddle and splashing a mother and her two young children. The parent was pushing one of her children in a pram when the driver.

Ponca City, We Love You sends news of a study by colorado state university psychologist william szlemko that recorded whether people had added seat covers, bumper stickers, special paint jobs, stereos, or plastic dashboard toys to their cars. Szlemko found a.

Troy Dangerfield said. KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports: Both the truck driver and the bicyclist had a green light, but the bicyclist was making an illegal left turn, Dangerfield said. Signs posted at that.

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A pedestrian walks into a crosswalk against a red light. Approaching car stops. Who had the right of way?. and the pedestrian clearly had a red light. If there were to be a collision, I think that the driver of the car would be the person who would be blamed..

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Yes. If you can avoid a crash, you must. If someone breaks the law, you must try to avoid the crash. Even if you weren’t breaking the law. If someone were to testify that you continued straight through the light with clear visibility to see there.

The driver fled the scene. I travel this area frequently, and know this is a dangerous intersection because it includes a right red arrow to allow pedestrians to cross 9th Street safely even while other through lanes get a green light. Many drivers nevertheless illegally turn right when the light turns green for people continuing straight.

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Driving through a red light – why it’s just not worth the risk Amber gambler, red light runner or traffic light warrior: all innocuous nicknames that make light of a serious driving threat.