Schools adopt more aggressive tactics toward armed attackers

Soon after national rifle association spokesman Wayne LaPierre proposed stationing armed guards in every school in. if aggressive tactics make sense.. more aggressive contingency plans now.

But America’s police departments have been moving toward more aggressive, force-first, militaristic tactics and their accompanying mindset for 30 years. It’s just that, with the exception of protests at the occasional free trade or World Bank summit, the tactics haven’t generally been used on mostly white, mostly college-educated kids armed.

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Introduction. At the outset of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) founding, the original 12 Western nations included Article 5 within the Washington Treaty, which codified the concept of collective self-defense, first featured in the Charter of the United Nations of 1945. NATO Article 5 provides that "an armed attack against one or more of [the NATO allies] in Europe or North.

architecture of Europe to create a strategic balance more favorable to Russia. US policy toward the Baltics is presently inadequate to meet this threat.. Pressure Baltic states to adopt more inclusive citizenship policy. Develop a clearer definition of “armed attack” to include new technologies, such as cyber, and new tactics.

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Should We End Military Recruiting in High Schools as a Matter of Child Protection and public health? amy Hagopian , PhD and Kathy Barker , PhD Amy Hagopian is with the Department of Global Health, University of Washington, Seattle, and was the president of the Garfield High School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) from 2004-2006.

Start studying american history. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. asked Congress for and obtained a resolution giving him authority to "take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent.

Investigators for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence found that the CIA, at the time of the 9/11 attacks, had in place “longstanding. out of future interviews’." The CIA tactics had.

A student’s odds of dropping out of high school quadruple with a first-time court appearance, Nash wrote. Last summer, the judges’ council began a national campaign "to support school engagement and reduce school expulsion." Putting more armed personnel into schools, Nash said, could prove "counterproductive" to this effort.