US cinema allows dogs and has bottomless wine and whiskey

If you’re under 21, the $15 ticket includes your dog’s admission and free soft drinks instead of wine and liquor. Of course, there are rules. You have to clean up after your pet and you must bring.

US cinema allows dogs and has bottomless wine and whiskey.. For just $15 (under 12) you get entry to a film at K9 Movie Theatre along with your dog, as well as bottomless wine and whiskey.

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Your $15 ticket includes bottomless wine or whiskey. K9 Cinemas invites moviegoers-both human and canine-to watch classic films on the big screen.. Texas Is Home to a Dog-Friendly Movie.

Movie theater allows dogs, offers bottomless wine. Folks who buy a $15 ticket have access to free wine and whiskey plus free admission for your dog.. K9 Cinemas said in a Facebook post.

The Movie Theater That Allows Wine, Whiskey & Dogs. K9 Cinemas is all about chilling with your pup. That’s right. It’s a movie theater that loves dogs and dog-themed movies. They also appreciate the joy that is a nice glass of wine.

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This movie theater allows dogs, offers bottomless wine. By: Alexa Mae Asperin.. you have access to free wine or whiskey, plus free admission for your dog!. The cinema has couches and treats.

On Dec. 7, 2018, the world as we know it changed forever with the opening of K9 Cinemas, a movie theater in Plano, TX, that lets you bring your dog and provides you with. Tickets for adults – who.

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A movie theater in Plano, Texas, allows dogs at its screenings – and there’s an additional incentive for their human companions: free wine and whiskey! K9 Cinemas, which opened in December.

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K9 Cinemas in Plano provides. your ticket comes with all the wine you can drink. The theater is as dog friendly as it gets with comfy sofas to lounge on and even delicious treats for your dog so.

Yes, that’s as much wine as you can drink. Maybe you are interested K9 Cinemas in Plano opened at the end.

K9 Cinemas also sell adorable merch and $5 from every T-shirt sale goes towards a local animal shelter. Seriously, just when you thought this couldn’t get any better. The post This Movie Theater Allows You To Bring Your Dog And Has Bottomless Wine appeared first on Scary Mommy.